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IOGEAR's USB Common Access Card Reader is the perfect solution for most civilians as well as non-military government workers who need everyday secure access. Common Access Card (CAC) , or Smart Card, readers are often used as a communications medium between the EMV smart card and a host (e.g. a computer, a point-of-sale terminal, network login, etc.) in secure systems such as those used by government, banking and health care. Extremely popular nowadays, Smart Cards are the next generation of secure and user friendly identification. Embedded with a chip, that permits data access to delegated computer systems, and a programmed PIN, security of both Smart Cards users and computer systems are ensured. The combination of the small size and IC make them a valuable tool for security, data storage, and other special applications.Unlike the magnetic strips found on traditional credit cards, the EMV cards uses multiple layers of security. The chip and pin technology provides higher security by storing more encrypted data, avoiding data breach. IOGEAR's USB Common Access Card Readers (Non-TAA) uses a contact system where the card must be inserted directly into the card reader; this type of reader is less prone to misalignment and eliminates the possibility of being misread. When it comes to secure access, the Common Access Card (or Smart Card) is an evolutionary step in convenience and security. Iogear GSR212 Smart Card Reader is one of many Memory Card Readers & Adapters available through Office Depot. Made by Iogear.

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I highly recommend to buy that memory card readers from this Office Depot. I got good as fast as I wrote this review.