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Elecard Codec SDK G4 is a software development kit intended to enable programmers to develop digital video encoding and playback applications (encoders, players, streamers) using Elecard components within the Microsoft DirectShow technology.Elecard Codec SDK package includes: Codecs, Documentation and Sample Applications. Samples include decoding, encoding and network solutions that demonstrate the use and configuring of different Elecard components that come along with SDK, such as Elecard Codecs MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVC; Network components: NWRenderer, NWSource-Plus, and other filters.The full documentation provides an overview of the installation, set up and use of Elecard Codec SDK. It includes information about the structure of Elecard Codec SDK, provides a quick overview of the DirectShow fundamentals and features, and detailed description of the components and sample applications. Base Classes - a C++ class library that simplifies common tasks, appearing during development of multimedia applications, such as: DirectShow graphs building, filters and pins control, etc. Base classes are used in SDK sample applications and are delivered in source form. Elecard Codec SDK samples are simple applications that demonstrate Elecard components and Base Classes use. The samples are written in C++. Elecard Codec SDK G4, Download Version is one of many Video Editing Software available through Office Depot. Made by Elecard Devices, CJSC.

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